You will know a lot about Computer Viruses & other Malware. We have covered various malware, such as Trojans, viruses, rootkits, and spyware. You can say that virus infection is not that easy for most people out there.

Things get more severe if you have confidential information stored in a device, and A virus infects the device. So, it becomes a great deal of cleverness to defend your device from getting infected by viruses out there. 

 We need to know how your computer/Laptop catches infected viruses. Depending on the possible reasons, you can try efficient methods to protect them.

How Computer Gets Infected with Viruses | Bitdefender Antivirus

Here, we shall give you a small overview of the ways your computer gets infected with viruses. We can also have a glimpse of the consequences of virus infection. We shall check out the methods viruses use to affect your device. Dial Bitdefender Phone Number and get solutions from our experts.

Malicious Plugins and Toolbars

Do you install different toolbars & plugins so often? Do you install them from doubtful sources? If so, you are opening an excellent way for viruses to infect your computer. 

These plugins are installed in two methods. First, they include some of the so-called software such as speed boosters & all. Secondly, there may be any attractive claims that force users to install these plugins in their web browsers. 

Depending on the handle web browser has on your Computer/Pc, the infection will have more severe effects. One of the most reliable ways is to trust plugins only from trusted roots. 

Unless it is that important, it makes sensation to refrain from installing such toolbars & all. After all, why do you require those nasty toolbars in power-packed browsers like Chrome?

Security Loopholes

Developers try to ensure the highest security for the software. However, at the same time, hackers attempt to find loopholes in those tools for enabling backdoors and all.

Through routine updates, developers try to hold their software away from zero-day threats. As a result, if you are using antiquated software in your PC, it is a way the virus can infect the device. 

You should make assured that you are running the newest version of the software. This is alike when it comes to the antivirus suite also or you can contact Bitdefender Phone Number.

Spam Emails

You have got $1000000 as a reward for our opponent. Check the attachments to require your money”. Do you get these types of emails frequently? If you open such accessories, you are damaging your Computer/PC.

These attachments often contain malicious executable files. Once opened, these executable files won’t take more than a few seconds to steal data from your PC or to lock them down. 

Despite all those struggles to keep spam low, there is no scarcity for the number of spam emails you receive every day. It is one of the most used ways to infect computers with brand-new viruses and malware.


Freeware is one of the effective ways hackers use to spread viruses and other malware. In most cases, malicious tools are disguised as useful utilities. 

The package will have some seemingly helpful tools. But, along with the installation of service users, a virus will also be installed. Being dubbed as useful utilities — system speed booster or analyzer — people have a natural tendency to get such freeware installed. It’s this tendency that allows evil minds to infect PCs.

Downloads from Non-Trusted Sources

Do you download files from not-so-trusted sources, especially torrents? You are at risk, especially if you are not sure about the causes. 

So, as much as possible, you should refrain from downloading stuff from not-so-trusted sources. We don’t say all the pirated material is terrible for your PC. 

But there may be some hidden content in pirated packages. And, these contents can be used for infecting your computer. 

Consequences of Virus Infections

It is not possible to list out all the consequences of Virus Infection. However, significant results are as follows.

  1. Data Stealth: Data stealth is one of the significant consequences of getting your PCs infected with viruses. From your usual photographs to confidential data, everything can be stolen through the backdoors created.
  2. Data Loss: Some viruses have a direct impact on the hardware and software aspects of your PC. So, the chances are high that you may lose some valuable data in the long run.
  3. System Instability: For a variety of purposes, the malware uses your system resources. So, depending on this usage, your system may become unstable. In most cases, the funds are utilized for doing illegal and inappropriate activities such as virus spreading and piracy-related stuff.
  4. Slow System: Boot Sector Viruses are some kinds of viruses that affect the bootloader of your system. In such cases, your PC may become unusable, and the data will be lost in time. Moreover, it downgrades your productivity as well.
  5. Loss of Money: There are different kinds of malware, such as Ransomware and Adware. Such malware tries to steal your data and blackmail you in the end. For instance, ransomware needs you to pay a certain amount to access your data.

So, these are the common consequences of virus infection. If you want to go deep, you can check out articles about specific viruses and malware. Dial Bitdefender Phone Number and get instant help from technicians.


It’s no doubtful fact that primary virus infection can impact your PC like hell. So, it would help if you tried to keep your PC as secure as possible. 

 You can utilize dedicated anti-virus programs and security suites out there. And, we prefer using premium antivirus instead of the free ones. 

For instance, if we take the case of Bitdefender, you can have in-built protection against ransomware and adware, two of the widespread malware used.