Computers these days have become an integral and essential part of our lives. Most of the things that we do has something or the other to do with computers. Almost all homes these days either have a laptop or a desktop computer that they use for various purposes. Earlier computers were used only for communication and obtaining information. However, these days computers are used even to buy and sell things on the internet and for entertainment purposes as well. You would be faced with loads of hardships if the performance of your computer is not up to the mark and is very slow. In case you are using a Bitdefender and your computer is slow you can choose to call the Bitdefender support number.

DIY options to fix the speed of your computer

There are certain DIY options that you can try to fix the speed of your computer. Trying these options does not require you to call the Bitdefender support number and seek technical help.

  • Run a system scan: Your system can be optimized with the best speeds by removing unwanted files or folders on your computer. By running a system scan you would also be able to fix bugs and remove viruses from your computer that can essentially slow down the performance of your computer.
  • Removing cache and temporary internet files: You can choose to go to your browser settings and have the cache files and temporary internet files removed from your computer. This would essentially speed up your computer to a good extent.
  • Unwanted start-up items removal: By clicking on start and pushing on the run option you would get a dialogue box. Type “msconfig” on it to open a dialogue box where you can select the start up items. You would be able to identify unwanted items that are loading on start up and restart your computer that would speed up your computer.
  • Upgrade your hardware: In case you are using hardware that is outdated like RAM and ROM that can always play a role in the speed of your computer. By upgrading these you can effectively have your system optimized. However, you would require a technician who knows hardware to perform this step.

Taking expert technical support by dialing Bitdefender support number

If you still have issues with the speed of your computer then there is no better way to go about it than to call the Bitdefender support number. The technicians with these companies can help optimize your computer and help it perform faster in no time at all.