Constant popup messages on your computer while you browse or do other activities would not just be annoying but also can put the safety of your computer at risk. By clicking accidently on these popups, you can grant access for unwanted software applications to be installed in the background. These applications would not just slow down your computer but also put your important information at considerable risk. They can gain access to your personal and financial information by way of backdoor access to your computer. This is not something that you would want as any information from your computer can be stolen with backdoor access applications. Calling Bitdefender customer service can help you eradicate this problem in no time at all.

Common solutions for annoying popups

There are always solutions that you can take up to get relief from constant popups on your computer. Here we look at some of the options that can help you eradicate popups and use your computer peacefully. These are the things that you can try before calling Bitdefender customer service.

  • Enabling popup blocker on the browser: By going to the browser settings you can easily enable popup blocker. This would stop most of the popups that come on your computer.
  • Purchasing and installing a popup blocker: Although the inbuilt popup blocker on the browser can be effective there can still be some popups that can get away from it. However, by buying and installing a popup blocker you can effectively eradicate and remove popups and pop unders.
  • Removing adware from your computer: Run a through scan on your computer that can identify adware and malware. If you can have these removed from your computer you can considerably reduce the number of popups that you get.
  • Checking start up: Check your start up for unwanted applications that begin to run while you start your computer up. These unwanted applications can be a source of popups on your computer.

Calling Bitdefender customer service or hiring a technician

If all the above steps have not helped in reducing popups on your computer then it is time that you seek Bitdefender customer service and their help. You may also alternatively hire a technician who can come to your place and have the issue of popups fixed. You may also take the computer to a local technician who can help stop popups from disturbing you while you are working on your computer. These people can also instruct you on what has to be done from this problem resurfacing again.